Sheree Rensel, BFA, MFA

to my studio!

Studio Visits ALWAYS welcome!

My studio is a treasure. For years, I "managed" to find studio space in my home.
Financial concerns and responsibilities to my growing daughter
made renting a studio outside the home unfeasible.
Time went by and years ago I rented a studio in the downtown area.
Less than a year later, I bought a house which had an attached studio space.
This was such a relief! It is a place to think. It is a place to meditate.
It is a place to shut out the world. It is a place for me to be me.
It is a place to create. I love being at home and be able to walk into my studio in thirty seconds!

Everything has it's place.

Label everything!

This building was built in 1952.
On the wood of the roof, you can see the 60 year old fingerprints of the builders.
Sometimes I look up and think of those guys!


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