Les Paul

There are many different kinds of Les Paul guitars, dating all the way back to the 1950s. 1986 was a very important year for Gibson, as it changed over ownership to begin manufacturing many different kinds of these guitar models to suit different individual needs. The whole 1980s actually brought about much change for these great guitars, including the end to a design characteristic which had been a hallmark of these instruments, specifically the maple neck and volute. Today you will be able to find Gibson Les Paul guitars with a wide variety of designs, including those which have many digital electronic aspects to models which were remade to resemble those manufactured in the 1950s.

There are many different reasons why the names Gibson and Les Paul are well-known by rock fans and musicians alike. Both modern and classic Gibson models are made with only the highest quality materials, which were specifically chosen to produce a certain sound that is unique to most rock music. From the 1950s and continuing to modern day, these guitars can be seen in many rock music performances, and even sometimes in classical performances.

Part of what makes the Gibson Les Paul guitar so unique is being able to produce a wide range of sounds with the right musician and added effects. Those who wish to purchase one of these guitars will be glad to know that they are available in many different models, including classic designs which date back to its original conception and release. Gibson is a guitar company that has always been known for their high standards and innovative approach to making these instruments. Many people around the world regard the Les Paul as the ideal guitar for experienced players. It will continue to go down in history as one of the most famous and most frequently used guitars in the entire world.