Army Tattoo

In Spring 2014 the US Army put forth new regulations about tattoos for new recruits and soldiers. They then to the feedback they received and they decided to revise the new rules. With new rules, changes and much confusion it is good to point out what these changes mean and the reason behind them.

The goal for the new tattoo regulations is to have soldiers appear in a more “professional” light. Soldiers travel around the world and interact with people on many levels, cultures and origins. Tattoos are common and accepted in some places but not always perceived in the best of light. The Army is trying to limit the amount and size of tattoos that are visible outside of a soldier’s uniform.

The official statement from the Army was: “The Army is a professional organization, so we strive to present a professional image” Says Sergeant Jason Riddle.

The new regulation specify that recruits must not have any face or neck tattoos. Mutilations to the face or body are also not accepted. All people must fall under the four-tattoo limit, and the tattoos cannot be larger than the size of the hand of the person. The tattoos are not open to personal preference either. Explicit and sexualized tattoos are against the rules and will stay this way.

After considering the feedback they received after the original changes the Army eased restrictions for members that are already enlisting. At first, the changes implied that those already serving were not available for positions that were higher if they violated the new tattoo rules. They are now offering promotion with the support of the commanding officer.

While some recruits have already been turned away because of the new rules, the Army is not budging on their decision. So if people are seriously considering enlisting tattoo removal is a safe and good alternative.

The good news for people in the Army or thinking about a career in the Armed services is that they can safely remove tattoos. There are many tattoo removal studios around the country with trained medical professional who will remove your unwanted tattoo within a reasonable amount of time. It is very common to hear from our clients that they choose to remove tattoos because of work or new career changes. Those considering the Army have the same option. A career is a long-term investment and removing their tattoos is part of that investment.

That tattoo removal process is fairly simple and technology has advanced greatly in recent years. It does take multiple sessions and they must spaced weeks apart so if there is someone considering this option they should begin the process as soon as possible to make sure they are not turned away. Since the Army is mainly concerned with visible tattoos, recruits can remove ink that is a deterrent to their enlistment. Those looking to apply for officer positions also can choose to remove their ink to make the process faster and easier.